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Funland, the park where it all started. Funland is our oldest and largest park, featuring original and replicated rides. Funland specializes on themed rides and areas, and has 5 lands, with about 4 rides each.


Fairgrounds, originally part of Funland, is one of the first theme parks on a Minecraft server to be themed around a small town fair. Featuring a realistic entrance, booths and attractions, you are sure to find the classic fair nostalgia feeling here!


Zulu themepark is designed after small themeparks designed to make a quick buck. Featuring cheap thrills, and a real working Ferris wheel, you will surely find this park to be adorable in its own strange manner.


4Seasons is our newest themepark, featuring four zones, each themed after their respective reasons. Each season features three unique rides, and a fully landscaped area.

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